Black Label Society - "The European Invasion: Doom Troopin' Live'" DVD
The European Invasion: Doom Troopin' Live ~ {buy}
Released: August 22nd, 2006
Label: Eagle Vision

Zakk Wylde - Vocals, Guitars
Nick Catanese - Guitars, Backing Vocals
James Lomenzo- Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Craig Nunenmacher - Drums

Executive producer for Eagle Vision - Geoff Kempin & Terry Shand
Produced by Perry Joseph
Directed by Eric Zimmerman & Nick Jamgocyan
Mixed by Barry "LORD" Conley
DVD art: Zakk Wylde
Artwork Layout: Rob RA Arvizu
Photo Back Cover: Chad Lee
Photo of Zakk and Hendrix Curtosey of Revolver Magazine

Doom Crew, Inc.
Front of house sound: David Allen
Tour manager: Tim Bolin
Drum Tech: Jason "Dewey" Bragg
Tour Manager: Mark Ferguson
Guitar Tech: Keith "MOBY" Lanoux
Bass Tech: Graeme May

Tracklist: Information:

Disc 1:
Paris Chapter
1. Stoned and Drunk
2. Destruction Overdrive
3. Been a Long Time
4. Funeral Bell
5. Suffering Overdue
6. In this River
7. Suicide Messiah
8. Demise of Sanity
9. Spread Your Wings
10. Solo Acoustic Jam
11. Spoke in the Wheel
12. Fire it Up
13. Stillborn
14. Genocide Junkies

London Chapter
1. Been a Long Time
2. Suicide Messiah
3. Stillborn
4. Genocide Junkies

Disc 2:
Backstage Pass – On the Road Documentary.

Promo videos for Suicide Messiah, Fire it Up and In This River

The making of the Suicide Messiah promo video.

Black Label Society is the brain child of guitar great Zakk Wylde. Hard and heavy, big on riffs and even bigger on the solos, BLS is the bastard child of Black Sabbath only pumped up on steroids. Having graced the world’s stages for the last 18 years, both as Ozzy Osbourne’s right hand man as well as fronting BLS, Zakk Wylde has established himself as one of the few remaining guitar heroes.

" European Invasion" captures BLS live on their sold out European tour last year - one of the most anticipated tours of the year and they didn’t disappoint. Witness the full Paris show as well as 4 tracks from the Astoria in London. Bonus footage includes a 1 hour long On The Road documentary, 3 promo videos taken from the Billboard top 20 album "Mafia" and the making of documentary for the promo video "Suicide Messiah".


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