Black Label Society - "Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned" DVD
Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned ~ Live With The Detroit Chapter ~ {buy}
Released: August 12th, 2004
Label: Eagle Vision

Credits: Zakk Wylde - Vocals, Guitars
Nick Catanese - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robert Trujillo - Bass Guitar
Craig Nunenmacher - Drums
Mike Inez - Bass (Tokyo Chapter Performance)
Tim Bolin - Tour Manager/Production Manager
Fred Kowalo - Guitar Tech
Jason Lemiere - Bass Tech
Frey Theiler - Drum Tech (& backing vocals on Genocide Junkies)
Eddie Mapp - Front Of House Engineer

Mixed by Eddie Mapp
Engineered: Brian Daugherty & Wyn Davis
Mastering: Joe Lambert
Artwork: Peter Tsakiris, "The Tank," Brian P. Slusarz
Photos: Darren 'Metal' Edwards
Illustration: Dimebag Darrell
Mogul: Dennis Clapp
Filmed "Slightly Amped" portion: Shawn Sexton

Tracklist: Information:

Demise Of Sanity
Graveyard Disciples
Bleed For Me
13 Years Of Grief
Stronger Than Death
Genocide Junkies
Spoke In The Wheel
Born To Lose
World Of Trouble
Guitar Solo
National Anthem
Band Intros
All For You


  • Stillborn Video
  • Live with The Tokyo Chapter 4/18/03
  • 3 Minutes with Rae Rae
  • Slightly Amped two song performance
  • Discography
  • Stupid Shit
  • National Anthem (live at LA Kings game)


  • Interview with Zakk
  • 12 minute Zakk Wylde (Hard Core Vol. 1 - Guitar Lesson)

Led into battle by the premier rock guitarist for OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have quickly become the bottom line when it comes to pure and unfiltered hard rock excellence.

When you mix bone-crushing riffs and great songs with the ferocious six-stringed mastery of Zakk Wylde, it’s bound to happen. In their first-ever DVD release, BLS shows that is doesn’t matter if they’re on a larger-than-life arena stage or in a packed, sweaty club, the results are always monstrous.

Recorded live at Harpo’s in Detroit, MI (Sept. 14th, 2002) in front of a sold out crowd of brew swilling maniacs, Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned sees BLS storm through a set of hard-hitting material from their previous three studio albums (Sonic Brew, Stronger Than Death, and 1919*Eternal) with Zakk unleashing his incomparable Les Paul magic. Also, in what is reportedly a first, the band, crowd and crew managed to empty the club of its last drop of beer!

Now fans can witness the pummeling brewtality of this memorable evening in 5.1 digital surround sound along with the brand new, Rob Zombie-directed video for “Stillborn,” the smash hit single from the new album The Blessed Hellride...all with a beer supply as deep as their own wallets will allow.


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