Pride & Glory discs

The original 1994 Geffen version of the Pride & Glory album has 2 different colored discs. In the United States, the first 5000 copies of the album had a gold beer can top. After that, it was changed to the regular grey disc. However, import and promo versions are all gold. The Japanese version of the album had a cover of the Black Sabbath classic "The Wizard" as a bonus track.
In 1999, when the album was reissued on Spitfire Records, it had a bonus disc with 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks, and The Wizard. The discs both were black with the Pride & Glory logo in red printed around the disc. However, when the album was initially reissued, it was missing the song "Found A Friend," even though it was listed on the back. There was a mistake made during manufacturing, and Toe'n The Line was split into two songs, the 2nd half of which took Found A Friend's place. Once Spitfire were made aware of this, they offered to repair the problem and replace everyone's faulty discs. However, the "fixed" version of the reissue was also incorrect. Instead of putting Found A Friend back on the actual album itself in correct sequencing, they put it on the bonus disc instead, leaving the album itself with only 13 tracks. The tracklisting on the back of the disc lists Found A Friend as on the bonus disc, however, not as the correct track number that it actually is.

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