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Nick Catanese forming new band with Queensryche, Doubledrive members.
Posted: Aug 28th, 3:50 pm 
Greg Maki of Live-Metal.net interviewed BLACK LABEL SOCIETY guitarist Nick Catanese at the recent Ozzfest stop at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. Excerpts follow.

Live-Metal.net: It's kind of strange to have Ozzfest without BLACK LABEL actually playing. Does it feel weird just watching?

Nick Catanese: No, actually not. This is my first summer off in seven years. We had to give someone else a chance. I mean, we've done it the last six years. So Zakk [Wylde] doing double duty and everything ? it's just, give him time to do what he needs to do. But I'm enjoying myself, having the time. I'm actually writing for my own band. I'm gonna do BLACK LABEL, and then I'm gonna have my own band.

Live-Metal.net: That's one of the things the BLACK LABEL fans are always asking about: When are we are going to hear some of your music?

Nick Catanese: Very, very soon. Things are happening quicker than I thought.

Live-Metal.net: What kind of music is it? How would you describe it?

Nick Catanese: You know what? Everybody'll like it. There's heavier stuff, but there's stuff like, we wrote a song that sounds like if you put THE BEATLES and PINK FLOYD in a blender, and it came out. It's me and Mike Stone from QUEENSR?CHE. He's playing bass and singing. And a drummer named Mike Froedge. He played for a band called DOUBLEDRIVE. And it's just a three-piece, so just me, Mike Stone and Mike Froedge. So we're just writing away, and that's pretty much what I'm doing with my off time now.

Live-Metal.net: Does the band have a name yet?

Nick Catanese: Yeah, we're just right now in the midst of copyrighting it. It'll be out soon. We found out that there's not one of them out there, so we're safe. It was crazy. This is a little hint, but we changed it a bit. We were gonna call the band SPEED ? SPEED wasn't taken ? because I'm into NASCAR, I'm into NHRA ? anything fast, I love it. And we found out in like 1996 there was a Japanese band called SPEED. So anybody that had that name, you know, you get big, they could be jerks and sue you. So we found a way to get around it. So it has [the word] "speed" in it. It's cool. It's cool.

Read the entire interview at Live-Metal.net.
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