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SDMFworldwide.com interviewing original BLS drummer/co-founder Phil "Philth" Ondich soon...
Posted: Jan 7th, 12:40 pm 
We are interviewing Phil Ondich (who co-founded BLS alongside Zakk, and played on Sonic Brew and Stronger Than Death) soon, so we want all of you BLS fans, whether you are a new fan or have been an SDMF long enough to remember the days he was in the band, to submit whatever questions they want to ask. To submit a question for Philth, send an email to his personal email address thephilthyone@beer.com. Once we get enough questions for a great interview, we will get them answered and posted soon! Whatever questions we do not get answered in the interview, Philth will personally reply to you with answers.

In the near future, we plan to interview all BLS members, past and present for the website. It's all about family, so we're going to keep everyone up to date on all past and present members of the band and their projects (whether before or after BLS).
If you haven't already seen them, we have already interviewed Nick Catanese, Craig Nunenmacher, and former BLS bassist James Lomenzo. You can check them out by clicking their names.

In case anyone is wondering, the interview with former bassist Steve "S.O.B." Gibb in which we asked for questions for a long time ago is coming soon, but we already have all of the questions for that one. It's taking us awhile to get the interview done because he's had a lot going on lately with touring, hurricanes, studio work, etc. We are also planning to interview JD soon as well...but for now, send your questions for Philth to the email address posted above!
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