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Check out Zakk's signature Black Label EVM-12L guitar cabinet speakers!
Posted: Dec 20th, 2:48 am 
The following write-up is from the official Black Label EVM-12L website at http://www.evm12lblacklabel.com
Be sure to check out their site for more information on the speakers!
The original EVM12L 12" loudspeaker was introduced in 1983. Known for its huge tone, gorgeous low-end and incredible stability at extreme volumes, it quickly achieved legendary status. Top guitarists and bassists loved it not only for its sound, but also for its reliability. Tour after tour, the EVM12L held up to the demands of the most punishing players.

Enter: the EVM-12L BLACK LABEL, the OFFICIAL guitar loudspeaker of Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society. Take the EVM-12L, add Zakk's personal specs (improved power handling, improved magnet design, better venting, and the Black Label colors), and now you have the greatest fucking guitar loudspeaker in the world. Wanna argue with Zakk on that? I didn't think so. Remember: the only label is BLACK(tm). Handmade by hardworking, real American folds in Morrilton, Arkansas, the EVM-12L Black Label is the product of EV blood and sweat.

We hope that you will represent the EV and Black Label Society colors with honor. We know that you will sound louder, better, and harder with the EVM-12L Black Label.

Please feel free to e-mail us your stories and photos about the EVM-12L Black Label to us at stories@evm12lblacklabel.com . If your submission is picked, your story and photo will end up on our web site and we'll send you some cool EVM-12L Black Label related SWAG for your trouble...

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