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Press Release
Zakk and wife Barbaranne visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Jul 18th, 8:15 pmViewed 5529 times
Announcement: BLS part ways with Roadrunner Records, plus other updates
Jun 16th, 2:39 amViewed 3755 times
Announcement: Nick Catanese featured in book "A Vulgar Display Of Power: Courage & Carnage at the Alrosa Villa"
Apr 17th, 6:11 amViewed 2889 times
Mar 7th, 11:53 pmViewed 905 times
Nick Catanese offering guitar lessons
Nov 9th, 12:34 amViewed 1539 times
Zakk Wylde buys kid a guitar
Nov 5th, 12:51 amViewed 2221 times
Nick Catanese schedules California, Nevada instores
Oct 3rd, 6:14 pmViewed 1437 times
Nick Catanese forming new band with Queensryche, Doubledrive members.
Aug 28th, 3:50 pmViewed 2056 times
Three west-coast BLS tour dates scheduled!
Jul 17th, 9:40 pmViewed 1574 times
IMPORTANT - U.K. fans please read! A message straight from Zakk!
Jun 16th, 2:55 amViewed 2222 times
New Megadeth album (featuring former BLS bassist James Lomenzo) comes out Tuesday!
May 11th, 12:14 amViewed 2070 times
New Ozzy single "Don't Wanna Stop" released to radio, album "Black Rain" hits stores May 22nd
Apr 16th, 7:27 amViewed 2717 times
Zakk donates to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Feb 8th, 8:51 pmViewed 2385 times
JD appearing on new Vinnie Moore album!
Feb 8th, 5:11 pmViewed 1881 times
Acoustic promo tour update!
Feb 7th, 4:30 amViewed 2701 times
New BLS and Ozzy Osbourne Tour Dates added & other cool information!
Feb 6th, 6:29 amViewed 4674 times
Blood Is Thicker Than Water video now available online!
Dec 31st, 11:16 pmViewed 3424 times
John "JD" DeServio giving music lessons in New Jersey!
Dec 26th, 9:50 pmViewed 1812 times
New website design!
Dec 20th, 7:59 pmViewed 1859 times
"Blood Is Thicker Than Water" going for radio adds 12-11-06
Nov 6th, 1:39 amViewed 2325 times
Kansas City tour date
Oct 31st, 2:50 pmViewed 1758 times
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