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Please read before registering

Click Here to read the list of rules that you must abide by when posting here at The rules are fairly simple and if you follow them, you will get along great. The rules are subject to change, however they don't change very often. There will be an announcement made if/when they do change.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

It is best to avoid posting the same questions over and over again but if you cannot find the answer there, then feel free to ask.

Also, I recommend that you browse the entire website, especially the Biography and Random Knowledge sections, as you can learn a lot of information from there. This site is possibly the biggest source of Zakk Wylde related knowledge so if you read the site, you will learn a lot and you may not have to ask questions that have been answered a million times already :)

People who use PHPBB forums often may notice that when registering, they were not given an option for Website address or signature - this is to minimize the amount of spam bots registering. A spam-bot uses a prefilled "stock" phpbb registration form when signing up to forums all across the internet. When they sign up they usually have website addresses or signatures pointing to porn or other spam websites - whenever someone signs up with a website address or signature intact, it will automatically cancel the registration. This will not affect real users, as they are not given an option for website or signature, so their registration will go through fine. After a person has made 10 posts on this forum, then they may go to their profile and add a signature and website address (those two boxes automatically appear after 10 posts). Hopefully this will help our forum stay as spam-free as possible.

Also, you may not register with a .biz, .info, .org, or .ru email address. These addresses are usually used the most by spammers, so they have been banned.
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