www.SDMFworldwide.com: Important things to know before you post here...

1.) Is SDMFworldwide.com the official website for Zakk?
We are not the official site. The official site can be found here: www.ZakkWylde.com. However, I I guess we could be called "the official fan-site," as we do get the majority of our information directly from the band themselves and Roadrunner Records. But since we are a fan-site, some of our information is aquired from un-official sources and may not be completely accurate, however we try our best to accurately represent Zakk and Black Label Society. Zakk, his wife Barb, Nick Catanese, Fred Kowalo, and people from Roadrunner Records do support and visit our site regularly and let us know if something is incorrect.

2.) Where can I find all of the latest news for BLS, and Zakk?
Our website (not just the message board, the site itself) has all of the latest news on Zakk, whether it's Ozzy, BLS, or any other project: www.SDMFworldwide.com

3.) What happened to www.BlackLabelSociety.net, and why did the bootlegs and site content move to SDMFworldwide.com?
To make a long story short, I was unhappy working with Walter, the owner of BLS.net, and became aware that the band and their management felt the same way at the time. I took all of my content that I created while I was the webmaster there, and created my own site. Therefore, as of January 1st, 2004, SDMFworldwide.com was born. Unfortunately,Walter resurrected his site months after SDMFworldwide.com went live, and he still continues to use all of the content that I brought to the table (most of which is still out of date, as it is ever-changing), therefore, both websites now exist. However, ours still has all of the bootlegs, which I personally host. BLS.net still is the best place to go for more up to date tablature, but everything else can be found within this site.

4.) When is Zakk/BLS coming to my town/country/state?
Any information we have on tour dates can be found on the main page. If
they aren’t there, chances are you won’t find them on the message board either, because we don’t know! Likewise, tour dates are posted as soon as we know them.

5.) How can I ask the band questions?
Nick Catanese answers questions on both the official BLS site, www.ZakkWylde.com, and also at his own website, www.EvilTwinHQ.com or www.NickCatanese.com. But please do not ask him about tour dates. He is not their tour manager, so don’t ask. Feel free to ask whatever else you want, within reason. He is a busy guy, so he can't always answer questions right away, but usually he always answers them. Other band members have private email addresses, and Zakk does not use computers, therefore, you cannot ask him anything at this time. Be sure to check out the official BLS myspace where you can find band members' personal accounts as well if you would like to ask them questions.

6.) Where can I get Black Label Society jacket patches or vests?
Vests and BLS patches are controlled by Zakk, and only given to people that he feels have earned the right to wear them, specifically people directly associated with the band. However, replica patches that are extremely similar to the back patches of the band's vests are available through BravadoUSA.com. Most of the front patches of the vests have not been sold to the public, as they are for the band and crew only.

7.) How did Zakk get the job playing for Ozzy?
Zakk got the job playing for Ozzy when Ozzy’s photographer Mark Wiess saw Zakk playing in a New Jersey club and suggested he audition for Ozzy. Zakk is not now, nor has he ever been Ozzy’s drug dealer. That was a joke Zakk has made during various interviews. For more information on Zakk's career, don't hesitate to read the entire Biography section! It's the most complete outline of Zakk's entire career on the internet.

8.) How can I join a Chapter?
The BLS ‘Chapters’ system is not any sort of official club or organization, it is just a way to describe a BLS fan from a certain area. For example, if you are a BLS fan and live in New Jersey, you are automatically a member of the New Jersey Chapter.

9.) What kind of equipment does Zakk use?
Zakk plays the following equipment: A Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde custom model, with EMG 81 and 85 pickups, Marshall JCM 800 amplifiers with 6550 tubes, the Boss SD-1 overdrive pedal, the Boss CE-1 Superchorus pedal, the Jimi Hendrix Wah, and a Dunlop Rotovibe. More information can be found here: www.SDMFworldwide.com/gear.htm

10.) When does Zakk use his Boss SD-1 Pedal when playing live?
Zakk’s SD-1 pedal is always turned on, except in-between songs and during breaks in songs.

If your question is not answered here, chances are, you will find an answer somewhere on the SDMFworldwide.com website, perhaps in the Random Knowledge section, the Biography which has extensive details about Zakk, his career, and his past and present band members, or elsewhere on the site.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here or on the SDMFworldwide.com website, please use the search function on the message board to try to find your answers. Chances are, your question has already been asked and answered, and it's always best to avoid multiple posts about the same topic. If your search comes up with no results, feel free ask questions on the message board.