Did You Know that...

...Zakk's real name is Jeff Wielandt?

...The "hoo hoo" backing vocals on "Born To Lose" were sung by Zakk, Philth, Sven Issakson (photographer), and Gene Morris (longtime friend of Zakk)?. Steve "S.O.B." Gibb was also in the studio with them as well, two years before he got the gig as bass player for the band, but it is unkown if he did backing vocals or not.

...There is an unreleased version of Peddlers Of Death with one of the girls who sang backing vocals for Bone Thugz N Harmony doing backing vocals during the piano parts?

...There are two versions of "Black Pearl" from Sonic Brew? One is the album version and the other is an acoustic version with more lyrics. The acoustic version was never released.

...There is an unreleased alternate heavy/joke version of White Christmas recorded during the Sonic Brew sessions? The song starts serious with Zakk singing the song and much laughing ensues, and it breaks into a jam session of heavy riffs and some out of tune clean parts. Steve Vai rejected the song for the Merry Axemas 2 cd, stating that it wasn't serious enough (which led Zakk to record the acoustic one).

...There are many unreleased Zakk songs from over the years that may never see the light of day? From Pride & Glory era, there is an early version of "Mother Mary," "The Swamp Song," "Ain't Gonna Cry," and probably many others from those jam sessions, from the Book Of Shadows era (many written after the album was released), "Touch Of Fame," "Blessing In Disguise," "Thinking Of You," "Crawling Back," "Plastic World,"and "One And Only," from the Sonic Brew sessions, "Peace & Sympathy," "Twisted," "If Wishes Were Horses," and "The Killing Cross," and from 1919 Eternal era "Find A Way."

...Zakk wanted to form a "supergroup" with Chris Cornell after Soundgarden broke up, and they were in talks about it for awhile but Chris ended up turning it (and lots of offers from other rockers wanting to work with him) down to finish recording his solo album "Euphoria Morning?"

...Nick Catanese had a band called High Voltage, and that they released a CD called "Edge of the World?"

...Zakk' original bullseye Les Paul was named "The Grail?"

...Zakk's signature Gibson guitars ZW 003, ZW 004, & ZW 005 are nicknamed after Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe Dimaggio?

...Zakk's figured maple Les Paul Standard is nicknamed "Curly?"

...Original BLS drummer Phil Ondich drew the "gumby Zakk" that appears on the back of Zakk's signature guitars?

...The original title for 1919 Eternal was "Deathcore WarMachine Eternal?"  Zakk decided to change it because of the events of September 11th.

...The song "Low Down" was used in the Playstation Game "Cool Boarders 2001?"

..."The Rose Petalled Garden" was used as Luthor's theme in SSX Tricky?

...The original Geffen release of the Pride & Glory album had 2 different discs? The early and very rare pressing had a gold beer can on it, and the version that is more common had a regular gray/white beer can on it. If you have the Geffen pressing of the album, you should check to see which yours is :) Here is an image of both discs.

..."Throwin' It All Away" from Book Of Shadows is about Shannon Hoon from the band Blind Melon? Shannon lived with Zakk a few months before he died of a drug overdose, and they became close friends. Zakk found out about his death, and wrote the song. On the Zakk bootleg called "Acoustic Cowboy", Zakk clearly says "Now Shannon, you just left me with nothing to say" in the lyrics.

...Zakk was in Stone Henge and Zyris prior to joining Ozzy?

...Zakk said the main riff of Low Down is his tribute to Angus Young?

...J.D., BLS' first bass player also played for Pride & Glory after James Lomenzo left the band in 1994?

...Zakk, Mike Inez, and Randy Castillo rejoined Ozzy's band briefly in '98 for a Japanese and Australian tour billed as the original "No More Tears" band?

...The original band name for BLS was Hell's Kitchen, but they were unable to get the trademark, so it was changed to Black Label Society? If you look at Sonic Brew's booklet, it's set up like a kitchen menu. "Its the height of bad manners to heave in someone else's society" makes more sense if you replace the word "society" with the word "kitchen."

...Sonic Brew came out October 28th 1998 in Japan, and did not come out until May 4th 1999 in the USA? The disc was remixed for the USA and other territories, and a bonus track "Lost My Better Half" was recorded for every territory except for Japan.

...In 1997 outside of a radio station in Virginia, Zakk jammed an early acoustic version of Beneath The Tree, and future BLS drummer Phil Ondich was there and played along (without drums, just patting his knees with his hands), a year before he became Zakk's drummer?

...There is an unreleased song written sometime around 1997 that Zakk jammed a few times to friends called "Livin' In A Plastic World?"

...There is a piano version of Bridge To Cross that has never been released?

...There are two different album covers for Sonic Brew, one that looks like a Johnny Walker bottle, and one that has the "colors" on it? Johnny Walker threatened the band with a lawsuit and issued a cease and decist order, so they changed the album cover. To make the album worth the money for the fans to purchase again, Zakk recruited Mike Inez on bass, and the band went in and recorded a cover of No More Tears to add as a bonus track on the reissue.

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