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Welcome to the Forums.
The rules of this board are fairly simple and based on common sense:

1. Respect is to be shown to all: Zakk and BLS, as well as other members of the board. Please be respectful to other groups of people and your fellow posters. Racist, homophobic, and other hateful behavior will not be tolerated. Do not create threads for the whole purpose of insulting another member of this board; this includes posting photoshopped pictures of other members and flaming newbies. Please show respect to the board Moderators and Admins. Remember, they are only here to make the message board a fun place for everyone. If they close a thread that clearly violates a rule, it would be best to not continue with the same disregard for other members of the board. In the "House Of Doom" section of the forums, please make sure you are respectful to the band. We are all fans of Zakk, or we wouldn't be here. If there's something you dislike about a song, set list, etc., it's ok to speak your mind, but you should be careful how you word your statements. Make sure you also say positive things; do not come here and only point out things you dislike. Remember, Zakk, his wife Barb, Nick, and other band and crew members DO read the forums on occasion, and to login and only see negativity hurts their feelings, and it would yours too if you were in their place.

2. You should always post your messages in the appropriate forums. Off-topic posts created in any of the forums will be moved or deleted.

3. Flame wars are not encouraged, however, it is understood that there will be people who do not agree with one another. Opinions on all subjects are welcome, but remember, personal attacks on one another will not be tolerated. Try to be open and understanding of other peoples views; those who cause problems will have their posting rights suspended if neccessary. We are not out to police your thoughts and ideas; we are, however, trying to make sure that the message boards are beneficial to you and other BLS fans. A "free speech" section of the boards, called "Say What You Will" is provided for everyone to speak their mind, however this board is a priveledge, and can be taken away at any time if misused.

4. Spamming or Postwhoring on the boards will not be tolerated. All posts will be deleted and the user's account and IP address will be permanently banned from the board. Postwhoring now falls under this category as it is unnecessary and wastes bandwidth and resources. Examples such as *poswhores* *I'm in this thread* *w00t* etc, will no longer be tolerated.

Pornography and nudity are forbidden on this forum, and anyone posting it will be warned, and if they show disrespect or continue to post pornography, they will be promptly banned, no questions asked.

6. Multiple user names are NOT permitted anywhere on the message board. Also, anyone found to be impersonating a member of the band or crew will be promptly banned and will never be permitted to return.

7. There are multiple Zakk Wylde message boards and websites online. Sometimes their message boards close or have down-time. Usually when that happens, a lot of users from those boards migrate to our board temporarily. You are all expected to treat them with respect, just like any other member. We will NOT tolerate board members deciding who can and cannot post at SDMFworldwide. We are all Zakk fans, so let's show some respect.

8. Avatar rules:
Your avatar may not contain pornography, nudity, or racist or hateful messages, as they are seen by all members of the board.

Repeated violation of the rules will result in a temporary removal of your posting rights.
We have a "Three Strikes" system implemented on this board: The first time you break a rule, your posting rights are suspended for a week. After your reinstatement to the board, if you break another rule, you will be banned for another month. After one month's banning, you will be reinstated. If you break the rules a third time, and continue to be a problem for everyone, you will be banned permanently and your IP will be blocked from this board. It is up to the Administrators' discretion on whether or not you will be banned immediately or after the "Three Strikes" system, it depends on how severe the behavior is.

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